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医薬品に関することならIPE - Inter-Pharma Express

Company Profile

       Our Mission

We provide the highest standard of technologies regarding all aspects of drug formulation in Japan. This not only includes the research and development phase, but the expertise and equipment for manufacturing..

At the same time, we try to create a “center of excellence” regarding drug formulation techniques, globally.


 Our internal resources include experienced consultants covering areas such as Pharmaceutical R&D, formulation sciences & technologies, marketing, regulatory affairs, project consultancy and qualification work for pharmaceutical facility construction projects. The level of knowledge allows a robust level of consultancy to be offered.

 IPE provides genuine consultancy to the early stages of drug development, combining our internal resources and a wide range of reputable outside expertise.

 We focus our services to facilitate overall “speed to market”. 

Company Information
Company name  Inter-Pharma Express Inc.
 Registered in Dec.20, 2000
Registered Address  4-24-19 Hiyoshi Honcho Kohoku-Ku 
 Yokohama 223-0065, Japan
 TEL & Fax : +81 (0)45 877 7711
Representative Director & Partner,

 Sansei Oka

Representative Director & Partner,

 Akio Hayashi

Tokyo Office

 Residia Roppongi Hinokicho Park 112
 6-19-50 Akasaka Minato-Ku
 Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
 TEL & Fax  +81 (0)3 3586 3317



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