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医薬品に関することならIPE - Inter-Pharma Express

IPE is a professional group with many years of experience in pharmaceutical product research, fabrication and facility construction practice.

We provide a high degree of support and services based on our experience and knowledge.


We can help you by:

 Solving problems regarding drug formulation and development and support your research, development and regulatory applications.

 Solving problems regarding medical device marketing authorization application and supporting for establishing the quality management system.

 Providing international information by cooperating with foreign CRO and engineering industries and support your overseas presence and business links.

 Supporting GMP/Qualification based on the latest “Hands on Experience”.

 Supporting you through concept design, basic design, facility construction and overall project execution.

 Facilitating exchange of information and by utilizing our worldwide network of contacts.

 Helping with recruitment of key staff into your organisation, such as in overseas expansion or presence.


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